Sparked Up Challenge

by SupaJoint

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This my entry into the #2017SparkedUpChallenge, tho I think erybody be callin it the #BodyMarkedUpChallenge or the #MarkedUpChallenge fo some reason.


Twenty 17 Sparked Up Challenge!

Yeah, Supa Joint bout to get shit lit.
I’m the pothead out here sparkin up an blowin hits.
Make ya chick drip, do a backflip into the splits, after the gig
I’m backstage pullin bongs and signin tits.

Name drop Willy Northpole, cuz he done drop da beat.
Trap House n John Blaze too fo firin up the heat. An yo...
shout out my weedman, supplyin me
The inspiration. Y’all local bangin Imma
Blow this track up cross the stoner nation yo.

Three days late to tape, an y’all kno why,
Been couch locked, smokin weed an gettin high
Munchin medicated pot brownies.
Drowning in my own imaginary surroundings.
Then this beat found me.

So high I don’t need no grounding
Shock your egos wit my lyrical pounding.
Fuck the haters, they ain’t down, see? think they be clowning me?
But my underground sound be crowned as astounding G

The Sparked Up Challenge, an yo I gotsta aks,
Since like 85 otha rappers already done did they tracks
Do I be Challenger 86? I be talkin NASA (BOOM!)
Minute 13 in an I drop fiya like disaster

Exploding, cash it out an then I start reloadin,
Neva done cuz the weed keep growing
Supajoint. Lo an behold me.
I’m totally glam as fuck so don’t say ya don’t know me cuz

I’m da dude rockin dope wigs an chick pants
You the dudes all like “what the fuck jus happen man?”
Creatin mo noise jus standin out from the pack, my clout
Make ya cred look like skid marks ya moms be shoutin out.

I hear your bars and I see cages when I look
yallz be spittin on the mics but yo y’all forgot to write a hook

Load a bowl, light a bowl, smoke a bowl, don’t choke, blow smoke. (Do it again homie)
Load a bowl, light a bowl, smoke a bowl, don’t choke, blow smoke.

Erybody spark up
That the challenge yo. spark up
Erybody spark up
That the challenge homie, spark up



Wait what ya jus say?

It the Body Marked Up Challenge?
It not the erybody sparked up challenge?

Aw shit homie. I musta been high when I seed that post yo. Damn! Why ya tellin me this now yo?

I thot this a weed rap challenge yo.

Like all like, how to write a track to get the whole Earf yo spark up at the same time an shit.

Body marked up? WTF that mean yo?

Like tats an shit? Cuz my tats be fake yo.

Sorry homies. I sometimes miss directions. No wonder erybody else ain’t rhymin bout weed on they submissions. I was confused, but I was all like, fuck it yo, let’s do this an see who start bitchin.


I mean we already record the shit so we mite as well drop it in the mix

Why ya didn’t stop me a hour ago yo? Yeah, I was pretty high too. I was pretty into this too yo. Yeah I did fuckin kill it. Challenge do be a hard word to rhyme homie. I wonder if anyone got that 31 year old NASA reference? If they did in this challenge, they deserve medallions.

Fuck this let’s go get high.


released December 10, 2017
Lyrics by HotRock SupaJoint
Beat by Willy Northpole

recorded 12/09/17


all rights reserved



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